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4 SHOCKINGLY simple facts nobody tells you about relationships

Fairbros 4 Relationships

Don’t push away family.

Don’t become a loner, a lone wolf with no real friends.

No one to speak to and be happy with.

You don’t want this.

You need people in your life.

So listen up my friend.

I’m about to rock your world and show you how to have real friends and relationships.

You see, relationships are a weak point for many people.

It was my weakest.

Until I realised…

To really be successful in life, you must have good relationships.

They aren’t just with your partner.

And they certainly don’t just blossom into a healthy, strong bond naturally.

They take a bit of nurturing… a bit of work.

But they are sure as hell worth it!

It’s okay not to be great at them.

Because you are taking steps to improve.

You’re reading this blog which means you are already on the right path.

Well done.

Let’s get you moving along.

Read these 4 points.

Take action from them.

Strengthen your relationships.

Grab onto your chair…

Here they are:


1. They don’t simply ‘just work’

Yeah, I know, it’s a shame, but unfortunately it’s true.

You get out what you put in.

If you want a great relationship, then you need to put the effort into that relationship every day to make it great.

So start working on yours now so they grow and prosper.


2. You have more than you realize!

A relationship isn’t just with your partner, it’s with EVERYONE you speak too!

The guy at the coffee stand, BOOM that’s a relationship!

Your colleagues at work, BOOM that’s a relationship!

Each individual family member, BOOM that’s a relationship!

And they all need handled differently.

Each is unique between you and that person!

Just think about how much opportunity there is to make each one great!

It’s mesmerizing ?


3. You can’t be spewing word vomit onto their lap

When chatting with someone, make sure you are actually listening to them, so you genuinely understand what they are saying.

Too many of us are guilty of just waiting for the other person to stop talking so we can spew word vomit as a reply.

Without really giving a contributing answer to the conversation.

This just makes people feel annoyed.

Like you are not listening to them. Which is true…

You aren’t.

Try truly listening next time.

Understand what the person is saying.

Feel it.

Then reply.

You will be amazed how much better your conversations will be!


4. Keep your head out of the clouds and in the conversation

You MUST be present when you are talking to people…

and I’m not meaning just being in the same room!

I’m talking about being physically AND mentally present.

Focusing on the conversation and the person.

If your multitasking or thinking about something else, then you are being rude.

Stop your mind wondering and give them the attention they deserve.

Be present.

Show appreciation.

This will boost your relationships!


There you go.

There’s a lot of opportunity out there to improve relationships.

They are everywhere.

Like all areas of the Fairbros4, they are easy to do and easy to start right away…

All you need to do is make it happen.

Some people say ‘I don’t have enough time to do this’

But that’s just a bullshit excuse.

You do.

You just need to know how to use your time wisely.

Stay tuned and we will explain that in our next email…

Watch how these tips helped Louise improve on her relationships:

Get after it.

Improve your relationships.

Live life to the fullest.


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Thanks for reading,

Jay Fairgrieve