Know exactly how much profit you make per item/service without the guesswork!

Knowing that your products or services are priced correctly and that each one is making money is the most important set of numbers in your business, yet so many business owners guess their prices rather than following a simple formula to work out the exact costs and profit on each item.

We work with you to find out the actual cost of your materials, labour and overheads, we listen to what you want as a profit margin and then establish an achievable price for that product or service. We collate all the information into to a custom pricing module for you to use on all your products, any time.

Once you know the exact profit(or loss) on each product or service you offer, you can then work on selling the most profitable items and drop the loss-making ones.

Cost £999.00 plus vat

*Please note this time scale is based on all costs being supplied by you which is simply past invoices.

Case Study

A client came to us who had been trading for 10 years but never made any profits.

We broke down each item, finding some where making loses and some making a small profit. We restructured their pricing together so they could have consistent profit margins across all products.

In their first 9 months trading with their new pricing model, they made £15,817.08 profit

Next Steps

After you have your pricing dialled, your next big move should be setting up a system for you to track your progress to hitting your goals as set out in your Budget! Having this keeps you accountable and on track.