Get yourself a step-by-step plan on how to achieve the profits you want to live your life!

Cost £999.00 plus vat

We will prepare a detailed budget specifically for your business, based on your actual numbers and requirements. This is KEY to earning the profits you desire.

Nearly all business that fail don’t have a budget, or, if they do, it was usually prepared as an exercise and not an actual tool to make money. When you have a clear target to work towards, each step becomes simple, and your profits start to increase.

We gather your past financials (ideally 3 years) to establish your trading pattern and costs, we work out with you the profits you want to earn, then create a budget that shows you how to achieve the results you want.

*Please note this time scale is based on us being provided with 3 years of financials

Case Study

A client came to us wanting to make loads of money, have dozens of premises and each one to be MASSIVE and holding 1000’s of people. 

We drilled down on their numbers, revised their pricing and showed them how to make changes to their business to make it profitable with only 189 monthly clients rather than 1000’s. These simple changes allows them to make £126k per annum per site.  

Together we calculated their ‘magic number’ (The amount of money they want live their best life) which was £4m. To have the life they wanted, they only needed to repeat what they are doing 6 more times (7 in total) then sell at a multiple of 5 times earnings and that’s their magic number achieved!

We gave them a step-by-step plan which can end up with them selling for £4m and the plan is broken right down to when to open 2nd store, how to run the numbers to see if the location works, how many monthly clients they need to get.  

Their key take away was they never knew how easy it could be for them

Next Steps

After you have completed your budget, your next big move should be to use these numbers to calculate your pricing and make sure each item is making you a profit!