If you don’t know your score, you can’t play the game

Business is a game and the scoreboard shows your results! It turns the data in your budget into actions that you can take to hit your results.  

The Scoreboard is what we use in all our businesses. This tried and tested scoreboard is a snapshot into how your business is performing right now. It takes out all emotion, it’s either green if you’re winning or red if you’re losing. At a glance, you know exactly where to focus your attention. 

Each business will have different key performance indicators within their scoreboard such as:

Your top 3 sales items 

The number of social media posts you post 

The number of products up-sold

The number of sales calls made

The scoreboard is very easy for your managers and staff to complete which cuts down your management time immensely, freeing up your time to work on your business.

Cost £999.00 plus vat

Case Study

Through their budget, a client realised in order to bring in 120k in sales per month, they needed to be estimating 240k of per month.

Knowing they had to estimate 60k of work per week, they went from 20k estimates in week one to 60k of estimates in week four hitting their sales target! 

Next Steps

Once you have clear steps laid out in your Scoreboard, its up to you to take the action, achieve the results and start making the profits you want!