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Become free to enjoy your profits, have confidence in your decisions and have more time!

We will show you what we do in our businesses, so you can start making profits and skip all the costly mistakes we had to learn!

Power Hour

Learn how all big businesses use these 3 things to make BIG profits:
1. Budget
2. Pricing
3. Scoreboard

Price: £250 +vat


We will give you a detailed budget specific to your business.
This is the key to earning the profits you desire

Price: £999 +vat


Know if you are winning or losing in your business at a glance

Price: £999 +vat


The most important set of numbers in your business. We work with you to ensure each is priced correctly so you can make your profits.

Price: £999 +vat

Ongoing support

A 2-hour monthly meeting with you (and your team) and a Fairbros Director to get a fresh pair of eyes on your numbers, discuss any situations you have using our decades of experience.

Price: £500 +vat

Case Study

A client came to us and was making £6,000 profit per month – which we’re sure you will agree is an OK number.

After diving into their numbers, we found one of their services was actually losing them £4,000 per month and worse, costing them time.

They walked out that meeting making £10,000 profit per month after dropping the loss-making service, with more time and a plan on how to make even more profits!

Key benefits


Do what you want, when you want, with who you want

More Time

Stop the money wasting & time-wasting tasks

Increased profits

Get the income you want from your business


Stop chasing your tail every day and choose only necessary tasks

A Step-by-step plan

Know exactly what actions are required to get your target profits


Be confident each step is on the right path to reaching your goals

Easy Decision making

Base your decisions on fact, not emotions. Numbers decide for you

Watch Scott’s journey to see how these products began!

Why should you have a Budget, Pricing & Scoreboard?

Look, being great at what your business does, and running a great business are very different things…

Running a business can be tough. Everyone wants to be successful with huge profits, and even though some do, many owners struggle with what actions are needed to make real money.

You could find the way yourself through trial and error, however this most likely will be a lengthy, painful, and expensive experience leaving you working all the hours under the sun rarely spending quality time with your family and not earning enough for it all.

We just want to help you avoid the pain and get your results.

Like most things it’s easy when you know how. The key for us all, is how fast you learn the “how” as that determines how fast you earn what you want.

We can give you the “how”

We only work with a handful of clients at a time to ensure they get the premium service required to can achieve their goals and dreams.

Take action today and within months you’ll be making the money you want and have more freedom with your time.